Mt. Sinai Final Presentation

On June 1, 2017, we celebrated our 14th year’s final presentation with our Community Partnership with Mt. Sinai Adolescent Health Center.  Each student shared their photo narrative with our invited guests.  Current students, staff, alumni and members of our community were so proud and honored to see the remarkable journeys each of our students made this semester.  We are filled with such pride for our remarkable students.

Student gallery of images – Photograph by Robert Johnson

Student gallery of images – Photograph by Richard Burrowes

Photograph by Robert Johnson

ICP Faculty members Jaime Schlesinger and Adam Melaney, alongside Director of Community Programs Lacy Austin, introduce guests to the final presentation, Shifting Consciousness. Photograph by Robert Johnson

Richard presents his work -Photograph by Robert Johnson

Michael presents his work – Photograph by Richard Burrowes

Shalon presents her work. Photograph by Robert Johnson

Ven presents his self portrait – Photograph by Robert Johnson

Photograph by Richard Burrowes

Candice presents her work – Photograph by Robert Johnson

Students respond to questions from the audience after the presentation. Photograph by Robert Johnson

Photograph by Robert Johnson

Current students, staff and alumni of our Community Partnership with Mt. Sinai Adolescent Health Center – Photograph by Richard Burrowes


Mt. Sinai Studio Shoot

Last week we had our studio shoot creating portraits of our partners achieving their evolutionary goals.  The experience was truly magical.

Danny having his portrait taken.  Photograph by Robert Johnson

Jose photographing Ven.  Photograph by Nan Sukaram

Photograph by Robert Johnson

Shalon preparing for her portrait with her daughter, Camille. Photograph by Robert Johnson

Chris sitting while ICP Teaching Assistant Robert reflects the light for his portrait.  Photograph by Nan Sukaram

Chris photographing Jonathan.  Photograph by Nan Sukaram

ICP Faculty Jaime Schlesinger helping Jonathan.  Photograph by Nan Sukaram

Akela posing for his portrait. Photograph by Nan Sukaram

Candice photographing Richard.  Photograph by Robert Johnson

Richard photographing Candice.  Photograph by Robert Johnson

ICP Teaching Assistant Richard metering the light for Chris’s portrait.  Photograph by Robert Johnson

Photograph by Richard Burrowes

Guest Artist Nayland Blake

Our guest artist Nayland Blake came to our class to share his work with us. We spoke about the power of art as an activist tool and how artists express their life experiences through their work. Our students then shared photographs from their projects with Nayland.  It was an enriching and beautiful experience for everyone.

Nayland introduces himself to the class.
Photograph by Robert Johnson

Nayland shares his work.
Photograph by Robert Johnson

Photograph by Robert Johnson

Photograph by Robert Johnson

Photograph by Robert Johnson

Photography by Richard Burrowes

Mount Sinai 2016

This year in our Community Partnership with Mt. Sinai Adolescent Health Center, we focused on our personal evolutionary goals through photography, group psychotherapy, writing, and public speaking.

On the first day of class, we set out on our journey by creating partner portraits to photograph our evolutionary goals.  This assignment introduced us to DSLR cameras. During the shoot, we shot worm’s eye views, bird’s eye views, representational portraits, and communicating our ideas through gesture. This shoot helped us face personal issues that are going on in our lives, and in the world we live in.

For our Guest Artist’s visit, we were lucky enough to visit Lyle Ashton Harris’s studio to look at his work and discuss his life experience as an artist.  After he shared his work with our class, we each shared our work in progress with him for critique and dialogue. The experience was enriching for all of the participants and staff.

In our studio shoot at ICP, we each created a self-portrait of what our image of success looks like after achieving our evolutionary goals. The experience was incredibly therapeutic and enriching to our projects.


Dammien working with ICP Faculty member Jaime Schlesinger to make a portrait in the studio. Credit: Richard Burrowes


David posing for his studio portrait. Credit: Richard Burrowes


Mt. Sinai Studio Shoot at ICP

We had a great opportunity this week to photograph in the studio at ICP. Each student worked hard preparing themselves for their studio shoots beforehand with personal writings and sketches of their desired picture. Each part of the image; lighting, cropping, and pose became carefully considered and constructed.

We had a truly amazing experience creating images of our successful evolution. It was an empowering and unforgettable experience.


Students Michael and Montrel sharing the immediate results from their shoot with Mt. Sinai Social Worker Anisah. Credit: Richard Burrowes

Under the lights, we were able to showcase some of our students many talents.


Student Michael posing in style for his studio shoot. Credit: Richard Burrowes

“It was a liberating experience. Every time I saw a flash, I felt a wave of emotion.”-Michael  


Student Shalon preparing to photograph Gloria. Credit: Richard Burrowes


Students Gloria and Shalon during their photoshoot. Credit: Richard Burrowes

“My shoot was amazing. In my shoot I was holding my stomach and breasts to show off my pregnant stomach. My photo showed that even though I have a disability, I can be a good mom.”- Shalon


Students Angelic and Maino enjoying the great portraits of each other. Credit: Richard Burrowes

It was a great experience to participate in a professional photo shoot. The clarity in the pictures was amazing. My partner did an amazing job. The environment and energy was calm. It helped me to focus on releasing the right emotion.”- Maino


Angelic showing her strength and resolve. Credit: Richard Burrowes


Student Eric during his shoot with ICP Teaching Assistant Richard Burrowes. Credit: Patrick McNabb


Richard during his powerful shoot. Credit: Patrick McNabb


Student Danny and ICP faculty Adam Melany.  Credit: Richard Burrowes


Student Chris and ICP faculty Jaime Schlesinger.  Credit: Richard Burrowes

Each student showed strength, creativity and individuality in their shoots. We can not wait to share the stunning final images!

Mt. Sinai Class Visit to the Brooklyn Museum

This week, our class attended the Brooklyn Museum to view the exhibitions “A New Republic” by artist Kehinde Whiley and “Isibonelo/Evidence” by South African photographer Zanele Muholi.

Credit: Richard Burrowes

Credit: Richard Burrowes


Credit: Patrick McNabb


Credit: Richard Burrowes


Credit: Richard Burrowes


Credit: Richard Burrowes

“It was a joy to see European arts flipped upside down to show the strength in the African American community in Kehinde Wiley’s paintings.” – Angelic


Credit: Richard Burrowes


Credit: Richard Burrowes

“Zanele Muholi captured the depth within social poverty in the lesbian community in South Africa. Although they may have rights, there is still injustice and dehumanization.”

– Michael

“I was moved by the contrast between the black and white portraits that showed the sadness and injustice that these women are going through, and the joyous and happy moments in the colorful wedding portraits.” – Jose

After the visit, we worked on our writing assignments to prepare for our take-home shoots.


Credit: Richard Burrowes


Credit: Richard Burrowes


Credit: Richard Burrowes

“It was good to see our group inspired by the beautiful artwork. The wedding images emotionally moved us as a group.” – Montrel