ICP at THE POINT Guest Artist Visit

This winter, our Teen Photography II class welcomed photographer Cynthia Vargas as a guest artist. Cynthia shared her experience as a young photographer starting out shadowing her grandfather throughout New York City, photographing everything he came upon as a way to save memories of a time that he feared would soon be forgotten. This inspired her to pick up a camera and begin her own photographic journey which involved documenting New York City’s break-dance scene, parties and events, and everyday life in Washington Heights. She spoke of the importance of community and it being not only a place where we live, but also a place we create. Cynthia also spoke of the importance of documenting these spaces and the people in them, along with their stories.

We viewed multiple bodies of Cynthia’s personal work all based on the theme of “community and self exploration”. After Cynthia presented her own work, she then took time to view the students’ work and give invaluable feedback on their personal projects.


ICP at THE POINT visits The Bronx Documentary Center: Zun Lee Exhibit

We were so grateful to have The Bronx Documentary Center host our Teen Photography II class trip. One exhibit the students toured was Father Figure: Exploring Alternate Notions of Black Fatherhood by Zun Lee. We were lucky enough to find that Zun Lee, the artist himself, would be the person giving our tour. The students were completely immersed in the powerful photos of black fathers and their children from all walks of life and held on to every word spoken by Zun. He spoke of his life’s journey and how that continues to lead him to tell such meaningful stories. Zun also touched on his photographic process from meeting potential subjects to sticking with a project long term and shopping that project around. Overall, it was one of the most memorable trips I’ve attended. For the students to be able to interact with Zun Lee and get first hand insight on the work is priceless.

BDC Fall Field Trips


Joseph Rodriguez speaking to our teens at the BDC. Credit: Cristián Cáceres, ICP Teaching Assistant

All of our ICP at THE POINT students visited the Bronx Documentary Center (BDC) this fall to see photographer Joseph Rodriguez’s Spanish Harlem: El Barrio in the ‘80sWe were lucky enough to have Joe there for each visit to speak with the students about his images and the exhibition. He spoke with them about how he got started on this project, what it was like as a teenager growing up in Brooklyn, and how photography became an outlet for him. We were lucky enough to be joined by the BDC’s own preteen/teen students for each visit too!


Joe discusses his work with our teen students. Credit: Cristián Cáceres


Preteens viewing Spanish Harlem: El Barrio in the ’80s. Credit: Kylie West, ICP Teaching Assistant


Credit: Kylie West


Preteen students learning to use the projector at the BDC to view more of Joe’s images. Credit: Kylie West



Roy Baizan’s Guest Artist Visit

In early November, our Monday preteen students had the opportunity to hear from Roy Baizan, alumnus from ICP at THE POINT and the Bronx Documentary Center Junior Photo League. Roy is a Chicano Bronx-based photographer currently in ICP’s One-Year Certificate Program in Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism. Roy started at ICP at THE POINT as a teen and soon began working with us as a Teaching Assistant and as staff in ICP’s Community Programs.


Roy speaks to the preteen students about his work.


Roy and Ife, ICP Faculty, viewing and discussing some of Roy’s first prints.

For his Guest Artist visit, Roy brought prints from his first black-and-white class at THE POINT to look at with the students while discussing their own work. He then showed some of his recent work from a trip to visit his family for the first time in Mexico.

Roy discussed his approach to photographing family members, and knowing when to be present in a situation versus when to document it. The students participated in a group discussion about their impressions of the images and documentary photography.

Images, credit: Corey Torpie, Teaching Assistant

Magnum Manifesto

The theme for the summer was “What’s My Story.” We went to the ICP Museum to see the Magnum Manifesto show. It was great for the students to see both old and new work on a much larger scale and the importance of visual storytelling. The show taught the students what a photo collective is and how different photographs can collaborate and tell stories that are typically unseen. They learned how the collective helped advance earlier photographers work and ownership over work for publications.

As young budding photographers, it was helpful for them to hear and see what hoops past photographers had to jump through to suceed and to the time,  hard work, and skills they needed to become great photographer. One of the students was so moved by the show she set a life’s goal to be the first woman from The Bronx to be a Magnum Photographer. She says it doesn’t matter how long it takes to come true.

Guest Artist Visit: Frank Fournier

This summer, our class had the pleasure of welcoming one of Contact Press’ photographers, Frank Fournier, as our Guest Artist. Frank shared his first experience as a photographer living in a new place and the stories he wanted to tell. We viewed Drop Dead, which is Frank’s first body of work about his time in New York City. It was wonderful for the students to see his work and start to understand the process of building a story. During the slideshow, they discussed making time to photograph, finding a story, and understanding the importance of a story. After the presentation of work, Frank took time to view the students’ work and give feedback on their personal projects. 

Field Trip: Central Park

This spring semester at ICP at THE POINT, the Tuesday preteen class visited Central Park in Manhattan.

The theme of this term’s class is Natural World. The students have been learning different manual settings in their cameras. They exposed images combining the aperture and shutter speed. Through their photography, they have shown interest in capturing moments of urban nature in the city.

At Central Park, the students explored different areas, looking for scenes related to that Natural World: plants, flowers, animals, trees, clouds. We discussed terms of nature and ecology in relation with the parks in the city.