Mt. Sinai Final Presentation

On June 1, 2017, we celebrated our 14th year’s final presentation with our Community Partnership with Mt. Sinai Adolescent Health Center.  Each student shared their photo narrative with our invited guests.  Current students, staff, alumni and members of our community were so proud and honored to see the remarkable journeys each of our students made this semester.  We are filled with such pride for our remarkable students.

Student gallery of images – Photograph by Robert Johnson

Student gallery of images – Photograph by Richard Burrowes

Photograph by Robert Johnson

ICP Faculty members Jaime Schlesinger and Adam Melaney, alongside Director of Community Programs Lacy Austin, introduce guests to the final presentation, Shifting Consciousness. Photograph by Robert Johnson

Richard presents his work -Photograph by Robert Johnson

Michael presents his work – Photograph by Richard Burrowes

Shalon presents her work. Photograph by Robert Johnson

Ven presents his self portrait – Photograph by Robert Johnson

Photograph by Richard Burrowes

Candice presents her work – Photograph by Robert Johnson

Students respond to questions from the audience after the presentation. Photograph by Robert Johnson

Photograph by Robert Johnson

Current students, staff and alumni of our Community Partnership with Mt. Sinai Adolescent Health Center – Photograph by Richard Burrowes


Photograms & Central Park Conservancy Field Trip

Our ICP at THE POINT Monday preteen class recently had some fun nature-inspired opportunities outside of the classroom. First our students walked around Hunts Point, collecting specimens for an Anna Atkins-inspired photogram project. It was amazing to see the vastly different plants and flowers that were available just around this urban landscape.

Our class also had the chance to visit the Central Park Conservancy, a jewel in the city, often overlooked. The students devoured the landscape and close up details with their cameras, including the beautiful late-spring tulips. The first images of our outing are beginning to emerge and the images are striking and full of detail.

All photo credits: ICP Teaching Assistants Julianna D’Into, Lauren Marsh, and Corey Torpie

Central Park Field Trip

This semester the ICP at THE POINT Thursday teen class took a field trip to shoot in Central Park’s Conservatory Garden and the northern portion of the park. This class is themed My City My Voice, in which students are prompted to make images that observe the physical environments that surround them and ultimately allow them to explore personal ideas as they relate to growing up in the city.

Students were asked to observe what they felt drawn to shoot on the trip— to take note if they found themselves leaning toward street photography, landscapes, portraits and/or abstracted images. This trip acted as a companion to the week’s homework shooting assignment, which asked them to use their cameras to intentionally explore a specific environment of their choice.

All photo credits: Ifetayo Abdus-Salam, ICP Faculty

Mt. Sinai Studio Shoot

Last week we had our studio shoot creating portraits of our partners achieving their evolutionary goals.  The experience was truly magical.

Danny having his portrait taken.  Photograph by Robert Johnson

Jose photographing Ven.  Photograph by Nan Sukaram

Photograph by Robert Johnson

Shalon preparing for her portrait with her daughter, Camille. Photograph by Robert Johnson

Chris sitting while ICP Teaching Assistant Robert reflects the light for his portrait.  Photograph by Nan Sukaram

Chris photographing Jonathan.  Photograph by Nan Sukaram

ICP Faculty Jaime Schlesinger helping Jonathan.  Photograph by Nan Sukaram

Akela posing for his portrait. Photograph by Nan Sukaram

Candice photographing Richard.  Photograph by Robert Johnson

Richard photographing Candice.  Photograph by Robert Johnson

ICP Teaching Assistant Richard metering the light for Chris’s portrait.  Photograph by Robert Johnson

Photograph by Richard Burrowes

Guest Artist Nayland Blake

Our guest artist Nayland Blake came to our class to share his work with us. We spoke about the power of art as an activist tool and how artists express their life experiences through their work. Our students then shared photographs from their projects with Nayland.  It was an enriching and beautiful experience for everyone.

Nayland introduces himself to the class.
Photograph by Robert Johnson

Nayland shares his work.
Photograph by Robert Johnson

Photograph by Robert Johnson

Photograph by Robert Johnson

Photograph by Robert Johnson

Photography by Richard Burrowes

HSFI Final Exhibition

Our Community Partnership with the High School of Fashion Industries wrapped up earlier this spring with a big celebration of our students’ hard work! Selected students from both the Photo I and Photo II classes spoke about their experiences with photography, and everyone enjoyed viewing the work installed in the the HSFI Principal’s Gallery.


All photo credits: Ruby Tull