Mt. Sinai Studio Shoot

Last week we had our studio shoot creating portraits of our partners achieving their evolutionary goals.  The experience was truly magical.

Danny having his portrait taken.  Photograph by Robert Johnson

Jose photographing Ven.  Photograph by Nan Sukaram

Photograph by Robert Johnson

Shalon preparing for her portrait with her daughter, Camille. Photograph by Robert Johnson

Chris sitting while ICP Teaching Assistant Robert reflects the light for his portrait.  Photograph by Nan Sukaram

Chris photographing Jonathan.  Photograph by Nan Sukaram

ICP Faculty Jaime Schlesinger helping Jonathan.  Photograph by Nan Sukaram

Akela posing for his portrait. Photograph by Nan Sukaram

Candice photographing Richard.  Photograph by Robert Johnson

Richard photographing Candice.  Photograph by Robert Johnson

ICP Teaching Assistant Richard metering the light for Chris’s portrait.  Photograph by Robert Johnson

Photograph by Richard Burrowes


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