This week’s post from HSFI comes from Photo II student Shelby Disla:

In 2015, photographer DL Cade published an article on the website 500px ISO about the #PictureIt Contest. The contest was motivated to “create empowering photographs of women and continue toppling the stock photography stereotypes of women we all loathe.” To enter the contest you’d have to take an empowering photo in honor of International Women’s Day, or pick your favorite empowering image from your archives, and tag it with #pictureit500px.

Here are a couple of my favorites from the website’s launch of the contest

I believe it’s extremely important to honor March 8th, International Women’s Day, to celebrate everything we’ve accomplished and our strength. To remember and thank those who’ve fought for us to be able to do what we can to today. To remind each other that we are capable of many things, to dream big. In this generation many things are spread online, and this contest allowed us to spread the importance and accomplishments of women. When you capture the moment of a woman’s strength and determination, many will feel motivated and [this can] spread worldwide.  Shelby Disla


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