Monday Preteens Field Trip

This semester our Monday preteen class from ICP at THE POINT visited the Bronx Documentary Center to see a special exhibition presented by the BDC and Magnum FoundationCritical Explorations of Local Solutions: What Works. The exhibition shared the work of nine Magnum Foundation fellows brought together from Iran, Ukraine, Slovenia, Syria, India, Ecuador, China, and the Philippines to produce a collective project. What Works explored the global issue of intolerance through local examples of bridge-building among groups that might otherwise be in conflict.

As the theme of our Monday class is Community and the exhibition focused on positive changes in communities, it was the perfect fit for this visit! We were lucky enough to be joined by Alexis Lambrou from the Magnum Foundation to share with our class and lead our students in a tour using a toolkit developed for the exhibition.

Thank you to the staff from the BDC and Alexis for making this visit possible!


All photographs, credit: Tiffany Williams, ICP at THE POINT Co-Coordinator & Lab Manager


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