Preteen Summer Class: ICP at THE POINT!

It’s summer at THE POINT and the preteen photo class has been having a blast! Our summer theme is Photography Impact. Here at THE POINT one of our missions is environmental and food justice. We’ve explored THE POINT’s garden and campus where they grow everything from basil and peppermint to tomatoes and strawberries.  We’ve seen how THE POINT itself has an impact on the community. With that in mind, our young photographers have taken to their neighborhoods to explore what they like and don’t like, what they observe on a daily basis, and how they can use photography to share that with the rest of the world.

In the spirit of impact we were grateful to have guest artist Michael Santiago join our class for a visit. Michael’s work is deeply rooted in exploring issues concerning people of color and their communities. He shared work from his start in photography to current projects and commissions. It is wonderful each time a guest artist visits, especially when the students are able to relate on a personal level.  For Michael it is important to not only do the work that provides an honest and genuine representation of his subjects, but also to show youth in communities of color that someone just like them can be powerful, impactful, and successful.


All photos, credit: Isabel Figueroa and Roy Baizan


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