Mount Sinai 2016

This year in our Community Partnership with Mt. Sinai Adolescent Health Center, we focused on our personal evolutionary goals through photography, group psychotherapy, writing, and public speaking.

On the first day of class, we set out on our journey by creating partner portraits to photograph our evolutionary goals.  This assignment introduced us to DSLR cameras. During the shoot, we shot worm’s eye views, bird’s eye views, representational portraits, and communicating our ideas through gesture. This shoot helped us face personal issues that are going on in our lives, and in the world we live in.

For our Guest Artist’s visit, we were lucky enough to visit Lyle Ashton Harris’s studio to look at his work and discuss his life experience as an artist.  After he shared his work with our class, we each shared our work in progress with him for critique and dialogue. The experience was enriching for all of the participants and staff.

In our studio shoot at ICP, we each created a self-portrait of what our image of success looks like after achieving our evolutionary goals. The experience was incredibly therapeutic and enriching to our projects.


Dammien working with ICP Faculty member Jaime Schlesinger to make a portrait in the studio. Credit: Richard Burrowes


David posing for his studio portrait. Credit: Richard Burrowes



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