Guest Artist Visit with Rhynna M. Santos

This semester, our Monday preteen class had a Guest Artist visit with Rhynna M. Santos. Rhynna is an active social photographer and talked about her experience documenting the Bronx community, where she aims to challenge stereotypical interpretations of the Bronx. She also shares her work when turning the camera toward her own family, and documents the memories and day-to-day moments in her father’s life.


Rhynna Santos speaking with our preteen students about her work as a Bronx-based photographer. Credit: Elena Hermosa, ICP Faculty

During Rhynna’s presentation, the students were able to engage in the content of her photos, and asked a lot of questions about street photography, how to engage with people, and ethical issues in photography.


Rhynna credits the work of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo (Las Dos Fridas (1939) shown here) as one of her great artistic inspirations. Credit: Elena Hermosa


Rhynna speaking with our students about the importance of looking at different photo books. Credit: Elena Hermosa

Rhynna talked about the work of the Bronx Photo League, a project of the Bronx Documentary Center, where 18 Bronx-based photographers are committed to documenting social issues and change in our borough.

Rhynna is also the curator of the @everydaybronx Instagram feed, so we discussed the role of social media in photography and storytelling. Rhynna encouraged the students to share photos that talk about the community and the neighborhood. Everyday Bronx has more than 26,000 followers from around the world, and aims to tell the complex stories of everyday life in the Bronx.

Rhynna's work 1

Rhynna Santos, The Storm Before the Calm, 2013.                                                                                   A view of the Simpson Street subway platform in the South Bronx.

Rhynna's work 2

Rhynna Santos, Halloween Ride, 2014.                                                                                          Children and their families trick or treat on Halloween 2014 in the Soundview area of the Bronx.

Rhynna's work 3

Rhynna Santos, Papi Pays Respects to Abuela, 2016.                                                                         Latin music composer and arranger Ray Santos (Rhynna’s father) pays his respect to his mother on Mother’s Day 2016 at Saint Raymond’s Cemetery in the Bronx.

Rhynna is also the founding member of The Bronx Women’s Photo Collective which promotes women in photography and encourages the importance of documenting the Bronx.

Rhynna says: “I had a wonderful time as a Guest Artist at ICP at THE POINT preteen class. Being a Bronx based photographer, it is a joy and privilege to be able to talk about the art of photography with Bronx kids.”

If you want to know more about our Guest Artist and the projects she is involved with, follow the links below.

Rhynna M. Santos

  • Instragram:
  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:

Everyday Bronx

The Bronx Photo League

The Bronx Women’s Photo Collective


Group shot of our Monday preteens, TAs, and faculty with Rhynna!




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