Guest Artist Visit with Alejandro Duran

This semester at ICP at THE POINT, the Tuesday preteens have continued to explore storytelling through images with a focus on personal narrative. We began our semester with adventures exploring the neighborhood around THE POINT.


Students making photographs in the Hunts Point neighborhood. Credit: Ruby Tull, Teaching Assistant

Recently, we were grateful to have photographer Alejandro Duran stop by and share his work from the project Washed Up. Alejandro is a New York-based multimedia artist who also works with ICP as a Museum Educator. His project is an environmental installation that transforms the many colors and objects washed up on the coastal shores of Sian Ka’an, Mexico into beautiful and awakening works of art.


Guest Artist visit with multimedia artist Alejandro Duran. Credit: Ruby Tull


Viewing and discussing Alejandro’s project Washed Up. Credit: Ruby Tull

20160503_ICPatPoint_Wk4_Guest_RTull_1620160503_ICPatPoint_Wk4_Guest_RTull_17In our class we discuss the power of photography and art to bring about awareness and inspire change. With this project, Alejandro not only transforms debris from around the world and alters the landscapes of Sian Ka’an, but he also engages the communities affected by it (and beyond) in a conversation about the effect of man and consumption on our environment.


20160503_ICPatPoint_Wk4_Guest_RTull_09 Alejandro in discussion with our students. Credit: Ruby Tull

The imagery and video led the class into a passionate discussion about litter in our neighborhoods. Our student Eboni noted, “We can’t make anyone do something they don’t want to do, like stop littering.” Alejandro’s response to this was that she was right; we can’t make them, but we can try to change the way we consume as individuals and that alone will have a great impact. We talked about how we may not be able to convince everyone, but we can lead by example to help influence change.


Eboni and Alejandro in dialogue about making positive changes in our environment. Credit: Ruby Tull

It is so crucial to share these experiences with our young people as they leads us into the future! To learn more and view the images from Washed Up, visit and check out the amazing work Alejandro is doing!


Our students posing with Alejandro in front of one of his beautiful pieces! Credit: Ruby Tull



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