Guest Artist Visit with Bayeté Ross Smith

This week, students put their newly developed skills to work. This included using new ways to manage workflow during film processing, image selection from contact sheets, as well as technical skills in the darkroom such controlling tones and details in the printing process.

During this class, we also had a Guest Artist Visit with Bayeté Ross Smith. Bayeté is a multimedia artist and photographer who also works across various programs at ICP as an educator. Students were given a chance to explore Bayeté’s projects including, Got the Power: Boomboxes, Question Bridge, Our Kind of People and Passing. Students were able to engage in a conversation with Bayeté around a central question to many of his projects: “Who Controls the images and stories that define the people and cultures of the world?” Exploring ideas of self, community, and family in their own work, students were able to see how as an artist, Bayeté addresses similar themes in his own professional practice.



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