Art Is…at THE POINT. A response to Lorraine O’Grady



The Authors with our Museum Educator at the Studio Museum in Harlem. Credit: Joshua Caraballo

 Our Tuesday preteen class had an amazing visit to Lorraine O’Grady’s, Art Is… exhibition at the Studio Museum in Harlem. They were encouraged to look closely at the images O’Grady captured of the September 1983 African-American Day Parade performance. As they explored these frames within frames, filled with participating onlookers, community members, and artists, the students expressed profound understanding of the purpose of these gold frames in emphasizing the value of these individuals. Our Museum Educator also got our gears grinding about the photographic frame and how that element outside of the image sets a window for the importance of the document of the event itself. In the spirit of O’Grady’s performance, the Authors decided to use their own gilded frames to highlight the value of the people of THE POINT.



The Authors discuss an image from the Art Is… performance that captures a participant encouraging a Police Officer to join in and pose in the frame. Credit: Joshua Caraballo



Credit: Joshua Caraballo


Ricardo, aka Silva Drums, framing an image of the frames within frames. So many frames! Credit: Joshua Caraballo


Nia aka A. Rose Thorn framing Earl Skinner, Youth Programs Coordinator at the Point. Credit: Joshua Caraballo


…gets creative with his pose capturing the spirit of response like that of participants and parade goers in 1983! Credit: Joshua Caraballo


Yamil Lora, Digital Media Coordinator & Music Teaching Artist in Residence. Credit: Joshua Caraballo


….of Tat’s Cru let’s the Authors peek in the studio, The camera frame captures the art work around him as the students frame the artist himself. Credit: Joshua Caraballo


Capturing one of the Authors at work! Nazaree aka Naz Arilee is just as important on her side of the lens as what she aims to capture! Credit: Joshua Caraballo


A mother daughter moment with Faith, aka Faith Wonder, capturing the value of family. Credit: Joshua Caraballo


Another expression of family value with Joaquin and his father. Credit Joshua


The Authors


Faith aka Faith Wonder. Credit: Joshua Caraballo


Trenece aka Ava Tenece. Credit: Joshua Caraballo


Eboni aka Starr. Credit: Joshua Caraballo


Ricardo aka Silva Drums. Credit: Joshua Caraballo


Joaquin. Credit: Joshua Caraballo


Nazaree aka Naz Arilee being photographed by Faith Wonder. Credit: Joshua Caraballo

The Team


Teaching Assistant Roy Baizan


Teaching Assistant Sasha Bush


Teaching Assistant Joshua Caraballo


Lead Faculty Isabel Figueroa





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