Guest Artist Visit with Gareth Smit

Last Thursday, our ICP at THE POINT Thursday teen class had the chance to meet Guest Artist Gareth Smit. Gareth, a South African photographer and videographer, graduated from ICP’s one-year certificate program in Photojournalism and Documentary Studies in 2015, and now works as a freelance photographer in New York.


Photojournalist Gareth Smit discusses his work with ICP Photo I Students. Credit: Aaron Kho, ICP Teaching Assistant

During his visit, Gareth shared some of his work with the students, discussing his year-long coverage of the family of Eric Garner while providing insight into the process and practices of documentary photography. During Gareth’s presentation, the students were able to engage in both the content and discussion of his approaches, as well as ask questions about technical choices he made during the shooting and editing stages of a long term project.


Thursday’s Photo I class sits for a guest lecture by Documentary Photographer Gareth Smit. Credit: Aaron Kho

Following the discussion of Gareth’s work, the students shared their own images and Gareth helped them think through their own personal projects. The opportunity to have  the insight of a photographer currently producing such important work was greatly impactful and inspiring, for the students and teaching team alike.


A photo I student reviews her images in preparation for a critique. Credit: Ileia Burgos, ICP Teaching Assistant


Gareth provides feedback to a student. Credit: Aaron Kho


Gareth reviews a student’s contact sheets along with her prints. Credit: Aaron Kho


Photo I students participate in a critique of their work with Gareth. Credit: Ileia Burgos


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