Visit to the Studio Museum in Harlem


Our class heading from THE POINT in the South Bronx down to the Studio Museum in Harlem on 125th Street. Credit: Alex Joseph, ICP Teaching Assistant

Last week our ICP at THE POINT teens took a field trip to see Lorraine O’Grady’s exhibition Art Is… at the Studio Museum in Harlem. This exhibition served as an extension of our class discussion concerning ideas of community and elevation. The documentation of this performance allowed our students to experience how an artist can elevate the identity of a community while inviting her subjects to represents themselves with joy and dignity.


A Museum Educator from SMH speaking with our class about their exhibition “Art Is…” by Lorraine O’Grady. Credit: Alex Joseph


Photographs from Lorraine O’Grady’s exhibition. Credit: Alex Joseph

As we toured The Studio Museum, the Museum Educator encouraged our students to take part in a dialogue about  its current collection. Our students did an incredible job giving feedback in terms of the visual language expressed in each image.


Discussing Nona Faustine’s (ICP-Bard MFA ’13) “From Her Body Sprang Their Greatest Wealth,” 2013. Credit: Alex Joseph


Our lead faculty, Jamaal Levine, speaking with the students in the gallery. Credit: Alex Joseph




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