Studio Lighting Explored

This week, our HSFI Photo II class explored studio lighting with hot lights.  We first looked at a slideshow of other photographer’s studio work for inspiration and then each experienced being the photographer, model, lighting assistant and light meter reader during our studio shoot.

Photo Feb 10, 5 26 16 PM

HSFI Photo II students working with studio lighting in the classroom. Credit: Richard Burrowes

“This experience has given me more insight on contrast.  Contrast is something I like conceptually in photography.  I like when the contrast and composition work together.  I was inspired by the contrast and symmetry in Robert Mapplethorpe’s photograph. “ – Miles


Ken Moody, 1984 © Robert Mapplethorpe

Photo Mar 13, 1 43 43 AM

Miles in the HSFI studio lighting setup. Credit: Richard Burrowes

“I am very interested in fashion photography. The shoot gave me insight into the behind the scenes of a photo shoot.  I also have a better understanding of aperture from the lesson.”  – Amari

“Everyone had their own perspective and vision for the light and they chose for their portrait shoot.” – Tyler

Photo Mar 13, 1 50 49 AM

Student Tyler using a light meter for a portrait of Amari. Credit: Richard Burrowes

“I learned that hard light gives you more intense lighting than soft, diffused light.  The hardness or softness affects the mood of the photograph.” – Pamela

“I am interested in making more symmetrical photographs when I shoot my personal vision project.” – Sarah

“I am interested in how different lighting lends itself differently to various skin types.  I learned how dual lighting or fill lighting made drastic differences in the shadow ares.” – Nataliya

Photo Mar 13, 2 01 23 AM

Student Layla photographs student Pamela. Credit: Richard Burrowes

Photo Mar 13, 1 57 38 AM

Portrait of student Oscar. Credit: Richard Burrowes







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