ICP at THE POINT Preteens: Meet the Authors

We’re off to a great start in the Tuesday preteen photo class! This term is all about the art of storytelling through photography. Whether fact or fiction, photographers use the power of the image to convey messages, ideas, fantasies, and truths. They use photography to express themselves and/or give voices to the voiceless. This term our students have the option of taking on an author’s alias. Here are The Authors:


  • Eboni/Starr
  • Faith/Faith Wonder
  • Joaquin/Joaquin
  • Nazaree/Naz Arilee
  • Nia/A. Rose Thord
  • Ricardo/Silva Drums
  • Trenece/Ava Tanece
  • Tyler/Tay Grace
  • Zulmarie/Zuli

Not all Authors, Artists, or Creators use an alias. We’ve decided to use aliases (well most of us!) to inspire the fun and creative freedom of our art. Any good storyteller knows that no matter their art form, having the tools to create or capture a story (and having the knowledge and skill to use those tools!) is essential. The Authors must master their visual, verbal, and written skills. They must also know that the story doesn’t stop because a little (or a lot) of snow falls!

The Authors begin by learning camera basics and angles.


Tyler, aka Tay Grace, goes for the full body action shot in the background while Eboni, aka Starr, goes for the detail of the super close up. Credit: Roy Baizan, ICP at THE POINT TA


Tats Cru left us with some fun snow graffiti to photograph. Credit: Roy Baizan


Authors working on the angles: straight on, bird’s eye, worm’s eye! Credit: Roy Baizan


Foreground and background shooting action from Tay Grace and Silva Drums. Credit: Roy Baizan


Ricardo, aka Silva Drums, has decided to continue exploring his love of trains (and his distaste for the litter that accumulates on them). He was pleased to find some train inspired art work here at THE POINT. Credit: Roy Baizan


Even serious photographs have to break for some fun. Cameras aside and a quick snowball fight to keep the energy flowing! Credit: Roy Baizan

The trick question on day one is always, “What is the most important part of photography?” Answers often include: the camera, aperture, and “I don’t know!” But the answer is light! Painters have paint, singers have microphones, and photographers, we have light. On lighting day we get to pull down the backdrop and play with our hot lights. While you may not have a backdrop and special light at home, you do have bed sheets, lamps, and aluminum foil. The Authors were able to play with these tools and discuss what they could use at home to recreate studio-like settings with DIY lighting.


Starr working on her sequencing technique with a side of shutter speed priority. Credit: Roy Baizan


Ending the sequence with a symbolic high five! Peace and togetherness. Thanks, Sasha and Jay! Credit: Roy Baizan


Zulmarie, aka Zuli, and Trenece, Ava Tanece, adjusting their exposures. Credit: Roy Baizan


Opening our reflector. Half the fun is opening these things…the rest is in mastering redirecting light with them. Credit: Roy Baizan


Faith Wonder is using the gold side of the reflector to create a warm soft glow on the side of Tay Grace, so that she is not being hit by direct light. If you don’t have reflectors, you can cover an object with aluminum foil, and use a mirror or other reflective surfaces in your house to create your own reflectors. Credit: Roy Baizan


Get that worm’s eye view and create that power shot! Credit: Roy Baizan


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