HSFI TAs Present to the Class

One of the things we like to emphasize in our classes is that our faculty and TAs are a teaching team. Curtis Willocks, ICP faculty, says “I wanted the students to realize that we come from different parts of the world, and that our backgrounds, experiences, and photographic focuses vary.”

This year, our superstar TA team in the HSFI Photo I class is made up of Sam Margevicius, Jenia Fridlyand, and Abby Verbosky. In this week’s class, Sam helped the students with the first drafts of their Artists’ Statements, while Jenia and Abby presented some of their own personal documentary work.


HSFI TA Sam, who is also a first year MFA student at ICP, talks with students about writing their Artists’ Statements. Credit: Curtis Willocks, ICP Faculty

hsfi 3

Students working on their Artist’s Statement drafts. Credit: Curtis Willocks

hsfi 4

Getting started on an Artist’s Statement can be challenging! Here are lots of prompts provided to the students to help them begin writing. Credit: Curtis Willocks


TA Jenia, pursuing her MFA in Photography at the University of Hartford, shares some of her personal work with the students. Credit: Curtis Willocks


Jenia speaking with the students about her photographs. Credit: Curtis Willocks


TA Abby speaks with the class and shares her own personal documentary work. Credit: Curtis Willocks


Abby and the students discussing her work. Credit: Curtis Willocks


Abby reading her own Artist’s Statements to the students as inspiration to help them create their own. Credit: Curtis Willocks



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