HSFI Students Visit Kamoinge Exhibition

On Tuesday, January 19, our Photo I students from HSFI took a trip to the Wilmer Jennings Gallery to see the exhibition Timeless: Photographs by Kamoinge.


Kamoinge president Anthony Barboza welcomes our HSFI students to the Wilmer Jennings Gallery. Credit: Curtis Willocks

Kamoingea pioneering photographic collective, was formed in New York in 1963 to address the under-representation of black photographers in the art world. The group was founded by Louis Draper, Ray Francis, Herbert Randall and Albert Fennar, with Roy DeCarava serving as its first director. Kamoinge’s body of work spans the past forty years and includes numerous images of daily life in black America during the last half of the twentieth century.


Kamoinge members speaking with the HSFI class. Credit: Curtis Willocks

When our class arrived we were met by three of the artists, Anthony Barboza, Herb Robinson, and Ronald Herard. The members talked about  the history of their organization and how Kamoinge supports their members’ creative approach to photography. The meeting then turned into a question and answer period, as the members from Kamoinge engaged the students and answered questions about certain images. There was also a book produced to go along with the exhibition to celebration Kamoinge’s  half century of African American Photography.


HSFI students learning more about Kamoinge. Credit: Curtis Willocks



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