Through the Eyes of McCurry

Last week, our HSFI Photo II class took a field trip to the Rubin Museum to see Steve McCurry: India, which was co-organized by the Rubin and ICP. We looked at specific images together as a group, and then each student reflected upon their favorite image through a writing assignment that they then presented to our class.


ICP Faculty and Museum Educator Jaime Schlesinger leads our HSFI students through Steve McCurry: India at the Rubin Museum. Credit: Richard Burrowes, Teaching Assistant


Students viewing McCurry’s work as a group. Credit: Richard Burrowes.


A piece in the Rubin’s galleries from their permanent collection. Credit: Richard Burrowes.

 Steve McCurry: India gave our class insight about the daily lives of people in India.  The contrast of colors, concepts and techniques Steve McCurry used inspired us for our own personal projects.

“I felt like I was walking in McCurry’s shoes through India.  Through his overall techniques and concepts in his work, I gained respect and knowledge about India that I have not learned about in school.” – Amari

“I was inspired to put more effort and commitment into my own project after seeing the dedication that Steve McCurry put into his work.” – Miles


A group shot of our Photo II students and teachers. Credit: Richard Burrowes.


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