Nadia Hallgren’s Visit

It’s always a treat when a Special Agent from out in the field takes the time to visit. Last week we received a visit from Special Agent Nadia Hallgren. Not only is Nadia out there taking photos and working as a videographer, she is also a Bronx native and ICP at THE POINT alum! What an inspiration!


Special Agent Nadia Halgren discusses her film work. Credit: Ruby Tull, ICP Teaching Assistant


The Agents focused and engaged in conversation. Credit: Ruby Tull

Nadia shared stories of her work and engaged the Agents in some thrilling discussion of what it means to pursue your goals and dreams. We watched the documentary “Sanza Hanza,” a short film that follows a gang of young Train-Surfers in Soweto, South Africa. This activity is very much about taking chances and embracing life (and death). The Agents were full of questions and we even discussed the idea of taking chances as photographers. The thrill of taking a chance can come from the activity of travel, getting out there to explore a new place, and/or being the one behind the camera telling the story.


Special Agent Nadia digs into perspectives on the moments viewed and shared in “Sanza Hanza.” Credit: Ruby Tull


Agent Lyasia investigates the ideas of documentary film & photography work. Credit: Ruby Tull

The Agents can rest easy and work hard knowing that as long as they keep striving to be their best, that’s just what they will be!

For more of Nadia’s work follow this link to her site!


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