Teens Visit the BDC

During our 4th class we took our teens from ICP at THE POINT on a fieldtrip to the Bronx Documentary Center (BDC)  to see is Via PanAm – The Pursuit of Happiness by Kadir van Lohuizen, a renowned Dutch photographer who is part of the photo agency NOOR.

We were very fortunate that Kadir was there to talk about his exhibition and answer questions from our students. In Via PanAm,  Kadir follows the footsteps of migrants from the south of Chile to the north of Alaska. Traveling almost 25,000 miles along the Pan-American Highway and crossing through 15 countries, he visualized the stories of the migrant communities, regions, and societies he encountered.

BLOG 1_04a

On the train to the BDC, student Brigit takes a portrait of classmate Sean using the beautiful available light. Credit: Chantal Heijnen, ICP Faculty.

BLOG 1_05a

Students posing for a group picture in the entrance of 149th Street/3rd Avenue stop in the Bronx. Credit: Chantal Heijnen

BLOG 1_08a

Students listening carefully to Kadir while walking through the exhibition. Credit: Chantal Heijnen

BLOG 1_09a

Kadir speaking with students about his exhibition. Credit: Chantal Heijnen

BLOG 1_17a

Kadir introduces his Via PanAm iPad app to the students. Credit: Chantal Heijnen

BLOG 1_18a

Kadir’s iPad app for Via PanAm. Credit; Chantal Heijnen

BLOG 1_20a

Group shot before we leave the BDC! Credit: Katie Khourie, BDC Staff

Before the class left the BDC, each student selected their favorite image from the exhibition and shared why it was their favorite. See below for some highlights!

BLOG 1_31

Sean’s favorite image: “I like this picture because it looks like a town in limbo where all lost souls go.” © Kadir van Lohuizen

BLOG 1_28

Chris’s favorite image: “It’s very confusing to see a child pointing a gun like this.” © Kadir van Lohuizen

BLOG 1_29

Gaby’s favorite image: “They put people in jail if they try to cross the border. I feel it’s not right if they arrest people if they cross. They should just send them back. I feel the police [are] taking advantage of their power.” © Kadir van Lohuizen

BLOG 1_32

Brigit and Cristal’s favorite picture. Cristal: “What I like about the photo is the action in it. The horses were running fast and the dogs look really excited.” Brigit likes it because she can image a whole story while looking at the picture. © Kadir van Lohuizen

BLOG 1_33

Heidi’s favorite image: “I like the graffiti on the background and the kids dancing in front of it. It makes me happy.” © Kadir van Lohuizen

After finishing up at the BDC, the class still had some time and some beautiful light to make photographs nearby in the neighborhood.

BLOG 1_22a

After the class there was time to shoot outside nearby. Student Chris taking a picture of the neighborhood. Credit: Chantal Heijnen

BLOG 1_23a

Student Gaby making a photograph in the street. Credit: Chantal Heijnen

BLOG 1_25a

Student Brigit makes a photo of one of the neighborhood dogs. Credit: Chantal Heijnen


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