Brooklyn Bridge Field Trip

Last week our ICP at THE POINT teen class went on a shooting field trip to Brooklyn. It was a hot day but we were equipped with enough water and loads of positive energy to concur the NYC heat! Together we traveled on the train from THE POINT in The Bronx down to the Brooklyn Bridge. Once we got there the students started documenting our walk over the bridge while we walked across to DUMBO.


Students Diamond, Stephanie, and Megan on the 6 train down to Brooklyn Bridge. Credit: Chantal Heijnen, ICP Faculty


Student and ICP at THE POINT intern Manuel on the 6 train. Credit: Chantal Heijnen


Student Meagan photographing at City Hall. Credit: Wendy Meza, Teaching Assistant


Students Cristal and Kristina walking on the Brooklyn Bridge. Credit: Wendy Meza


Portrait of student Lissy. Credit: Chantal Heijnen


Student Brandon photographing on the Brooklyn Bridge. Credit: Chantal Heijnen


Student Dominic photographing the view of lower Manhattan. Credit: Chantal Heijnen


Students Stephanie, Diamond, and Meagan photographing the teacher! Credit: Chantal Heijnen


Portrait of Diamond. Credit: Chantal Heijnen


Group photo of our class on the Brooklyn Bridge. Credit: Chantal Heijnen


Student Venetio photographing the view of Manhattan. Credit: Jenny Catherall, Teaching Assistant

Once in Brooklyn, we visited United Photo Industries and met with the amazing Laura Roumanos and Sam Barzilay, two of the three co-founders of United Photo Industries and Photoville. Their mission is to bring the photographic community together by presenting photography installations and events in unique locations off the beaten path, where the focus lies in content and is accessible to everyday people from all walks of life. We were lucky enough to also get a sneak peak of the FENCE, which is part of Photoville.


Laura Roumanos, Co-Founder of United Photo Industries, talks to our class about their gallery and upcoming Photo Festival Photoville. Credit: Chantal Heijnen


Sneak peek of the FENCE, an exhibition that’s part of Photoville. Credit: Chantal Heijnen


Laura explains the work that is shown on the FENCE to our students. Credit: Chantal Heijnen


Students Dominic, Lissy, and Sallum viewing the FENCE exhibition. Credit: Chantal Heijnen


Group photo at the end of our day in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Credit: Laura Roumanos, United Photo Industries

This year Photoville is from September 10-20 and is free and open to the public!


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