Superhero Summer!

The ICP at THE POINT preteens have been off to a busy start this summer! Our class is looking at the theme of Heroes, and it’s hard work being a hero!

What is a hero? Did you know that superheroes like Superman are really just like anyone else? It wasn’t always about aliens and other worldly beings. The idea of a “super” hero is often the personification of our own hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Heroes fight crime and corruption and expose injustice. They are brave, strong, and sometimes even weak and they find strength through these weaknesses. A hero cares for someone other than himself or herself.


Our heroes learning to use their cameras. Credit: Groana Melendez, ICP Teaching Assistant


“IDK” spots black-and-white portraits, keeping a lookout for “The Exposure.” “XX” thinks she may have spotted him hiding in a reflection. Credit: Groana Melendez

The heroes of our summer preteen class have their own tale to tell. Here is a list of our students, their hero alias name, and their superpowers:


Name: Evan Hero Alias: The Painter Power: Paints Things to Life
Name: Elani Hero Alias: The Timer Power: Controls time/Time Travel
Name: Fritzi Hero Alias: The Freezer Power: Ice Powers
Name: Sean Hero Alias: IDK Power: Foresight
Name: Nailea Hero Alias: Madula Power: Reading Minds
Name: Lynessa Hero Alias: The Winder Power: Controls Weather
Name: Madison Hero Alias: Teleke Power: Telekinesis
Name: Faith Hero Alias: inVizzy Power: Invisibility
Name: Dani Hero Alias: XX Power: Duplication
Name: Eboni Hero Alias: The Wing Power: Speed

The Villain: The Exposure.

We don’t yet know where he has come from, but we know we must stop him. The Exposure is exposing our black-and-white darkroom prints. As he does so the world around us begins to lose color and the citizens of Hunts Point are being pulled into the images! Only this team of unlikely heroes can save us now!


Our heroes making sun prints. Credit: Groana Melendez


“XX”, “The Wing” and “IDK” making photos and keeping an eye out for “The Exposure.” Credit: Groana Melendez


“Madula” knew that “The Exposure” might be near, and quickly fixed her print to protect the plants around THE POINT. They are now permanent and safe from “The Exposure.” Credit: Manuel Tomassini, ICP at THE POINT intern


Our heroes have thwarted “The Exposure”…until next time. They take a break to create sun prints with their names and logos to share their identities with the world. Credit: Manuel Tomassini


Sun print by Evan, his hero logo for The Painter. Credit: Evan Guzman


Sun print by Faith, her hero logo for inVizzy. Credit: Faith Colon


Sun print by Dani, hero logo for XX. Credit: Dani Waters


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