Guest Artist Visit with Bami Adedoyin

This spring, we had a wonderful Guest Artist visit with Bami Adedoyin, who is a photographer, artist, educator, and also ICP Faculty. During the class, Bami showed her collage work and invited the students to work on a personal collage. The theme of the collage was related to the class’s overall theme, Family & Friends. 


Guest Artist Bami Adedoyin showing her collage work to the students. Credit: Rita Zambori, ICP Teaching Assistant


Students cutting out photos to create their own personal collages. Credit: Rita Zambori


Bami and ICP faculty member Chantal Heijnen discussing the collages made by the students. Credit: Rita Zambori


Bami helping the students with their collages. Credit: Rita Zambori



Students presenting their amazing final collages to Bami and the class! Credit: Rita Zambori

Just a few weeks later this class had their final presentation, in which they shared their final prints made in the darkroom, as well as their collages from Bami’s presentation!

Final Presentation 01

Selection of students’ final work. Credit: Rita Zambori

Final Presentation 02

Student presenting his final prints and collage to family and friends. Credit: Rita Zambori

Final Presentation 03

Student’s final prints and collage. Credit: Rita Zambori


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