Spring Final Presentations at ICP at THE POINT

In the final class of the spring semester, the students of the Wednesday teen class presented their final photographs and Artists’ Statements to their family and friends.  From printing final images and writing statements, the students put in a lot of time work this semester.

Students working on their Artists' Statements. Credit: Laura Gonzalez

Students working on their Artists’ Statements. Credit: Laura Gonzalez

The last time as a class in the darkroom for the term. Credit: Emmely Pierre-Louis

The last time as a class in the darkroom for the term. Credit: Emmely Pierre-Louis

Here are some of the students’ final images and thoughts on learning photography:

One student David writes: “My project is based on showing the best of New York. It shows the arts and the talents of New York…from architecture to graffiti. Life in New York is pretty interesting; growing up in the Bronx changes your whole point of view. You see the struggle to get out of poverty.”


David’s work before it goes up on the wall. Credit: Keka Marzagao


David takes a final look at his final presentation prints. Credit: Keka Marzagao

Another student Tiaa writes: “At first I felt like printing my pictures was difficult…when I kept trying I noticed that all it takes is patience.”


A visitor looking at Tiaa’s work from this semester. Credit: Keka Marzagao

Stephanie writes: “With photography, I was able to see the world in a different way. With a camera I was able to forget my surroundings and focus on what I saw through the lens of the camera.”


Stephanie gets some help hanging and arranging her images. Credit: Keka Marzagao

Student Safiyah writes: “Some of my pictures weren’t taken on purpose, but came out beautifully. A large part of my picture taking process became taking pictures that I wasn’t originally going to take, and turning them into wonderful shots.”


Another visitor to our presentation views Safiyah’s work. Credit: Keka Marzagao

Dominick writes, “I am continuing classes her this summer, and hope to convince my friend to join also. I am looking forward to the summer to tackle the photo challenges I encountered this semester.”


Dominick fielding questions about his work during his final presentation. Credit: Keka Marzagao


Dominick shows his friends his final presents. Credit: Keka Marzagao


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