ICP at THE POINT Alumna in the Spotlight!

Last week Nadia Hallgren, ICP at THE POINT alumna, visited our Thursday teen class. She shared her work with us, told us a bit about her early years at THE POINT, and spoke about her incredible career path from there. Today, Nadia is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and cinematographer. She shared stories with us about her time as a high school student and told us how she made a short film in the Hunts Point neighborhood, which was then shown at a small film festival in the area. Following that festival, Nadia was invited to work as a production assistant on the set of Michael Moore’s critically acclaimed documentary film, Fahrenheit 9/11 – which Nadia ended up actually shooting a scene for!

Nadia went on to study film at Hunter College – the same college which our student Franny Lopez will be attending in the fall! It was a wonderful moment and Nadia and Franny turned out to have a lot in common. The students all had plenty of questions for Nadia, and it was wonderful for them to hear from someone who was once a student in their very same classroom!


Nadia allowed us to view her short film, Love Lockdown, which documents the life of a young mother from the Bronx waiting to learn the verdict of her incarcerated boyfriend’s case, while she keeps his spirits high via late-night shout-outs on a popular NYC radio show. Credit: Jamaal Levine, ICP Teaching Assistant


The film was inspiring and we spent time afterwards, discussing Nadia’s technique and the construction of a strong narrative. Nadia’s feedback on the students’ own work was also really valuable. Credit: Carla Liesching, ICP Faculty


Student Tony shows Nadia his documentary series on the recent East Village fire. Credit: Alicia Clarke, ICP at THE POINT Program Coordinator

After Nadia’s visit we had an hour to spare, and spent some time learning some DIY studio lighting techniques!


Working on our lighting techniques. Credit: Carla Liesching


Credit: Carla Liesching


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