Friends of Island Academy Final Presentation

Our final presentation with Friends of Island Academy was a huge success once again! We are very happy and proud of what our students accomplished during this session. They worked very hard creating a series of images that spoke to their sense of identity. By the end of the session, they grew as photographers and story-tellers and became especially aware of the importance of telling their own stories. They presented their photographs and their reflections on their identities in front of a room full of supporters, family, and friends.The food was pretty good too!


Kori practicing his final presentation before our guests arrive. Credit: Ashley Wu


The students final prints matted and framed. Each student got to keep his/her own framed image, and a second copy got installed in the FOIA offices. Credit: Ashley Wu

With each student’s story and photographs, we were able to see the wonderful potential they are becoming more able to tap into. Some of our youth spoke of becoming film directors and media makers, others discussed becoming involved in community service, while others had dreams of working in medicine or becoming professional models.


© Leomar, student


© Shanell, student


© Kori, student


© Xavier, student


© Shayla, student


© Jocelyn, student


© Kawone, student


© Derrick, student

Although most of them were nervous, they did a great job of presenting their work for the audience. The pride on their faces upon hearing the applause from the audience was priceless. Each student received a printed photograph from their photo studio shoot and a montage of all of the photographs from the studio in order to commemorate them completing our program. We look forward to following their successes in the future!

ICP FOIA group shot 2015

Our final group shot! Credit: Doran Walot


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