Mt. Sinai Class Visit to the Brooklyn Museum

This week, our class attended the Brooklyn Museum to view the exhibitions “A New Republic” by artist Kehinde Whiley and “Isibonelo/Evidence” by South African photographer Zanele Muholi.

Credit: Richard Burrowes

Credit: Richard Burrowes


Credit: Patrick McNabb


Credit: Richard Burrowes


Credit: Richard Burrowes


Credit: Richard Burrowes

“It was a joy to see European arts flipped upside down to show the strength in the African American community in Kehinde Wiley’s paintings.” – Angelic


Credit: Richard Burrowes


Credit: Richard Burrowes

“Zanele Muholi captured the depth within social poverty in the lesbian community in South Africa. Although they may have rights, there is still injustice and dehumanization.”

– Michael

“I was moved by the contrast between the black and white portraits that showed the sadness and injustice that these women are going through, and the joyous and happy moments in the colorful wedding portraits.” – Jose

After the visit, we worked on our writing assignments to prepare for our take-home shoots.


Credit: Richard Burrowes


Credit: Richard Burrowes


Credit: Richard Burrowes

“It was good to see our group inspired by the beautiful artwork. The wedding images emotionally moved us as a group.” – Montrel


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