Lighting & Studio Set Up at THE POINT

During our fifth preteen Tuesday class at ICP at THE POINT, we divided our class in two groups. This allowed us provide highly individualized help to students, since there are varying skill levels in our class. Half the class worked under the studio set with hot lights and tripods, while the other half went into the darkroom to make concentrated prints from their contact sheets.

For the students working in the studio set up, we focused on observing light and asking questions like:

  1. How does the light change on the subject when it is closer or further away?
  2. What happens to the shadow and light?
  3. How can a tripod help us capture motion?
  4. Since light travels in lines, how does a reflector help us direct light?

In the darkroom we challenged returning students to dodge and burn their prints, paying attention to their borders, focus, and exposure. Newer students received 1:1 attention as they walked through setting up their enlargers, making test prints and later, making full framed prints. Everyone successfully printed two images!


TA Angelle and student Khalid looking at a test print together. Credit: Ruby Tull



Student Faith choosing an image from her contact sheet. Contact: Ruby Tull


Faculty Ilene with students Sahara, Xavier, and Evan practicing low shutter speeds using tripods. Credit: Ruby Tull


TA Roy teaching student Nicholas how to use a tripod. Credit: Ruby Tull


Khalid stopping motion with Faith. Credit: Ruby Tull


Khalid and Nicholas in the darkroom. Credit: Ruby Tull


Sahara posing under the hot lights. Credit: Ruby Tull


Roy teaching Nicholas how to use a tripod. Credit: Ruby Tull



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