FOIA Studio Shoot at ICP

After weeks of practice using our digital SLR cameras, our students from Friends of Island Academy were ready for their studio photography session at ICP. Each created ideas for a series of studio portraits that told the story of who they were in the past, who they are now, and who they want to be in the future. Our students also had the unique opportunity to work with professional photo equipment in a professional studio in order to create their photographs.


Student Kori creates an image about his passion for cinematography. Credit: Ashley Wu

This process also involved collaboration and working in teams. First, each student outlined his/her ideas about how to make their portraits. Once we got to the studio, students worked in teams of 3 or more to create the photos: one student was the photographer, one was the art director, and the final student, the subject, also conceptualized the portrait.


In this image, student Derrick takes the photograph, Xavier directs, and Leomar conceptualizes the image about his future as a doctor and a caretaker. Credit: Jamaal Levine

Students had to discuss their approaches to creating images just like they would in a production meeting. The student being photographed had to share their concept and then collaboratively organize a plan for how to create their images with their classmates who would be photographing and directing the shoot.


Here, student Jocelyn captures the image of Leomar with ICP TA Jamaal Levine and FOIA staff Anthony DeJesus. Credit: Ashley Wu

We worked with strobe lighting kits and hot lights. It was a long day, but everyone had a great time. In the end, we created some great portraits that we look forward to sharing with our friends, family, and the ICP and FOIA communities in our final exhibition…which we’ll share here soon!


Students Derrick and Kawone review Derrick’s image on the camera together. Derrick’s portrait depicts him as a graduate, which is one of his personal goals. Credit: Jamaal Levine


Students Shayla and Jocelyn reviewing Jocelyn’s photograph together. Jocelyn’s work from the studio depicted her as a doctor who wants to heal the world. Credit: Ashley Wu



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