Spring Visit to the BDC

This is our 3rd session of the spring term at ICP at THE POINT’s Monday preteen class. Today we went on a field trip to the Bronx Documentary Center (BDC).  The BDC is a non-profit gallery and educational space. The exhibition we saw, New Works #18: En Foco’s Photography Fellowship Awardsis from photographers from En Foco, a photo agency that supports photographers of diverse cultures with Latino, African, and Asian heritage.

The BDC invited Joana Toro, one of the exhibiting photographers, to give a guest lecture to our students. She talked about her project I Am Hello Kitty. She explained that it documents her personal struggle to make a livelihood and find her “identity” in the United States after she moved here from Colombia.


Exhibiting photographer Joana Toro welcomes the students to the BDC. Credit: Rita Zambori, ICP Teaching Assistant


Joana explains her project, I Am Hello Kitty. Credit: Rita Zambori


The Hello Kitty mask that Joana used during her work in Times Square. Credit: Isabel Figueroa, ICP Teaching Assistant


Students watching a slideshow of Joana’s project I Am Hello Kitty. Credit: Isabel Figueroa


Student Floyd watching Joana’s slideshow. Credit: Rita Zambori


Joana wearing her Hello Kitty mask. Credit: Isabel Figueroa


Students trying on the Hello Kitty mask. Credit: Rita Zambori


Teaching Assistants Rita (left) and Isabel (right), documenting and enjoying the field trip. Credit: Chantal Heijnen, ICP Faculty


Students listening to Joana while she explains her way of photographing. Credit: Chantal Heijnen

After the slideshow,  Bianca Farrow, Gallery Manager and Project Coordinator of the Bronx Documentary Center, showed us the other exhibiting artists.


Bianca introducing another project in the En Foco exhibition. Credit: Rita Zambori


Students viewing more photographs at the BDC. Credit: Rita Zambori


Students looking at another body of work in the En Foco exhibition. Credit: Isabel Figueroa


Group photo with our class and Joana wearing her Hello Kitty mask. Credit: BDC volunteer



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