Final Printing & a Birthday!

ICP at THE POINT Wednesday Teen Class, March 25: This is already our 9th class of the winter term at ICP at THE POINT! Next week is our last class with the Final Presentation for our friends and family. Today we made sure to finish our projects: printing our final prints, writing our Artist’s Statements, and sequencing our photos. Today was also special because Franny, one of our students, turned 18! We celebrated with cake and strawberries.

Blog 2.02

The last batch of negatives shot and processed by the students. Credit: Corey Torpie

Blog 2.03

The magic of photography is that you can take many shots until you get it right. There is no right or wrong, it’s just about being creative!” -Stephanie, student. Stephanie checks out her negatives on the lightbox and stores them into negative sleeves. Credit: Corey Torpie

Blog 2.04

ICP Teaching Assistant Corey and Stephanie pick the final photos to be printed. Credit: Chantal Heijnen

Blog 2.06

Just think of it: you, yourself, the I, with you, with an oasis of serenity. I always felt that I should prove that even the simplest things deserve to be seen as beautiful, for there is beauty even in the ugly.” -Kaitlyn, student. Kaitlyn checks her test strip in daylight to make sure she chooses the right exposure time. Credit: Emma Strugatz

Blog 2.08

As I usually say, ‘A writer always leaves a part of themselves in their stories, you just need to look closely to see.’ This goes for pictures too; there is always a part of you in each one.” – Victoria, student. Victoria looking through her prints. Credit: Chantal Heijnen

Blog 2.09

ICP Faculty Chantal helps sequencing Victoria’s final prints. Credit: Emma Strugatz


Blog 2.11

ICP TA Emma checks the focus of a negative with a magnifier. Credit: Chantal Heijnen

Blog 2.12

Victoria checks her negatives with a special app on her iPhone. Credit: Chantal Heijnen

Blog 2.14

Students Janae and Victoria both finishing their Artists’ Statements with help from TA Emma. Credit: Corey Torpie

Blog 2.15

Chocolate and vanilla cakes topped with fresh strawberries to celebrate Franny’s 18th birthday! Credit: Corey Torpie

Blog 2.16

I wanted to photograph and document my family and my neighborhood, including the conditions in which I was raised. I was inspired because I wanted to contradict a stereotype about the South Bronx, especially the Hunts Point area. I wanted to show that even in a poor community there are good things too, such as the intimacy of friendship, community, and family.” – Franny, student. Franny celebrates her birthday with her new bow tie! Credit: Chantal Heijnen

Blog 2.17

Victoria in front of the ICP at THE POINT classroom. Credit: Emma Strugatz

Blog 2.18

Group photo of our class! From left to right: Janae, Tony, Emma, Kaitlyn, Franny, Victoria, Corey, Chantal, and Stephanie. Credit: Chantal Heijnen






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