Photo I Visits ICP Museum

The Photo I class visited the Sebastiao Salgado: Genesis exhibition last week. Here are two of the students’ favorite images from the exhibition.

“I find this photograph to be so great because you can actually see the texture in the iguana’s hand and it looks as if you yourself are truly there at that moment looking at the iguana  in real life.” – Metzil Nieves, student

salgado 1

“I feel like this picture really shows off the photographer’s unique style. It shows his unique colours (lots of gray tones), lots of texture/attention to detail, and middle tones. I also feel like this specific photo was able to show his relationship with his surroundings, displays his ability to photograph animals. His work is often very epic and applies the rule of thirds.” – Pauline O’Harlem, student

salgado 2


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