Photo II Visits ICP Museum

Our visit to the Sebastião Salgado: Genesis exhibition was a unique experience, exposing us to different cultures within one gallery space.  It made us understand how the human population impacts nature and how bare a lot of the earth still is.  We learned that 46% of the planet is still in its natural state, connecting us to our roots and ancestry.  The photographs were absolutely brilliant because they show the side of earth that is still not corrupted.  Salgado’s photography is an incredible mix of film and digital practices.  We were inspired by Salgado’s patience, the textures he was able to capture, the contrast in his images and his attention to composition.

ICP-HSFI Faculty and Museum Educator Jaime Schlesinger introducing the exhibition. Credit: Jeff Newman

Jaime Schlesinger, Faculty and Museum Educator, introducing the exhibition. Credit: Jeff Newman

Salgado visit 5

Credit: Jaime Schlesinger

Credit for images: Mara Catalan

Credit: Mara Catalan

Salgado visit 4

Students watching Sebastião Salgado speaking about his work. Credit: Jaime Schlesinger

Salgado visit 6

Photo II group shot. Credit: Jaime Schlesinger




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