About ICP’s Community Partnership with Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center


Credit: Richard Burrowes

Credit: Richard Burrowes

Since 2004, ICP has partnered with Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center (AHC) teaching young people who attend the Center to re-envision their lives through photography. Working together to meet the needs of the students, the two organizations have designed a curriculum that combines group psychotherapy with creative expression. Each year, the themes of the program are identified by staff and students, and have included pride, strength, family, relationships, transformations, and legacy. While the program is centered around photographic instruction as the primary vehicle of self and community empowerment, writing, public speaking, and ongoing discussions around those themes are also integral components of the curriculum. Class time—spent equally at AHC and ICP—also includes slide presentations, assignments, field trips, and guest artist visits. The program culminates in a presentation and celebration of the students’ photographs and autobiographical writings.

The Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center provides comprehensive medical, mental health, family planning, and health education services to young people ages of 10–22.

(c) Dominic, student

Copyright: Dominic, student



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